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Hicks Roofing Safety

"Hicks Roofing appears to be a diamond in an otherwise difficult class of businesses
to underwrite"

(quote from Cincinnati Insurance)

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Perhaps the greatest proof of our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our two-time nomination by Ohio BWC Ergonomists for the prestigious Governor’s Award for Excellence in Workplace Safety. Our Worker’s Compensation administrator believes that we are the only roofing contractor ever nominated for this award.

We are committed to providing a safe work environment to our employees. We deliberately refrain from hiring inexperienced temporary summer help. Fluctuation among our highly skilled and experienced employees is very low. They value our ethical standards and emphasis on quality work.

Hicks Roofing was one of the pioneers of Drug-Free workplaces in the construction trades. We went Drug-Free years before it became mandatory for State contracts or became common place. Some companies comply on paper but look the other way at every opportunity. Not us. Our stringent enforcement of drug-free policies and safety practices has made Hicks Industrial Roofing one of the safest construction contractors in the state of Ohio.

To assure that our safety practices are part of our employee culture, we perform regular mock OSHA inspection, conducted randomly and without warning by an outside safety consultant.

Our impeccable safety credentials are a key reason why many of our customers hire us.