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Dan Risley

What is your position at Hicks Roofing?


What are your primary responsibilities?

Running the roofing projects, applying a roof according to the manufacture's specifications and the quote or bid.

When did you join Hicks Roofing?


What did you do before joining the team at Hicks Roofing Inc.?

I worked in a factory as maintenance man.

How did you get started with Hicks Roofing Inc.?

Through a friend that worked for Hicks Roofing after the factory closed down.

What do you like the most about your job or position?

Every roof is different every day and the Hicks' are very good people.

What's the most interesting project or thing you've done while at Hicks Roofing Inc.?

Every job and day is an adventure and challenge.

If I could have any job in the world, it would be?

The perfect job, but there isn't such a thing so this is my home.

For relaxation I really enjoy?

Hunting, fishing and camping.

Growing up, the first job I ever had was?

I worked on a farm.

The worst job I have ever had was?

I worked near furnaces for a pottery maker.

People might be surprised to know that I once?

Was very shy.

What kind of car would you most likely be found driving?

A truck.

I was born in?

Dennison, OH

My weekends are usually spent doing what?

Hunting, fishing and spending time with my wife and children.

The thing I most dread in life is?

Getting old.

If you could meet one person who would it be and why?

Kevin VanDamm – To learn some of the things he knows about bass fishing.

When I retire, I picture myself?

Just doing the things I like and not having a busy schedule to get done in such a short time.

The most important person in my life is?

Jesus and my family.

The one thing I have that I cherish most is?

My health.

If I were a tool, I would be

a sawsall because it works fast and has many uses.

My favorite thing in my garage is?

My boat.